< 10,000
3 Basic Reports
Scheduled reports into slack, teams or email. A single report may be daily, weekly or monthly
3 AI Alerts
If you add more than 3 websites, you will need move onto agency pricing, or contact us.
1 Website
Report on campaigns, spend, ROAS metrics and many more
1 Google analytics
Report and track SEO metrics from Search Console

Starting from
paid annually


< 25,500
10+ Scheduled reports
Alerts metrics for your website configured and monitored via our AI system
3 AI alerts
Book a call, so that our team will set you up with a perfect alerting configuration
1-3 Websites
Fine grain alerting configuration. Choose AI or custom thresholds.
Slack, Microsoft Teams & Email
Find out WHY an alert occured, as well as when it triggers.
Google Ads
Google Search Console

Starting from
paid annually


< 500,000
20+ AI Alerts
No cap on visitor count
Scheduled reports
Integrate directly with our real-time connectors, to remove any lag in alerts being sent
3+ Websites
Account management assigned to your organization to work directly with you and your organization.
Custom thresholds & filters
We can write direct integrations with platforms you already use. For example, Salesforce or pagerduty
Root cause analysis
We can write direct integrations with platforms you already use. For example, Salesforce or pagerduty
Connect to e-commerce, ads & search console
We can write direct integrations with platforms you already use. For example, Salesforce or pagerduty

Managing multiple websites? See our Agency pricing


Ga Insights is a way to keep up to date with your website and ad metrics. You can receive custom reports of your metrics, goals and statistics stright into the tools your team already uses. You can also have your data monitored 24/7, when an anomoly happens you will be sent an alert to notify your team. Have peace of mind knowing that your team will find out quickly if anything goes awry with your website.

We take data security very seriously. Once you sign into your google account we encrypt an access token in our database. The key is only used by the Slack or MS Teams agent to access the data. The data is created into a Slack or MS Teams formatted message, and sent to the relevant API to send to your channel.

All data is secured via SSL encryption.

Our backend can only access google metrics and event data that you have authorized for it, and we cannot access outside of this in any circumstances.

Ga Insights integrates with Slack & Microsoft Teams. You can also send reports & alerts to email.

Press ‘Get started’ at the top of the page, then follow the instructions. It takes just 2 clicks to connect your Google Analytics account.

We offer a free basic and alert tier with no credit card required. For established businesses we offer a 10 day free trial, after that you’ll need a paid plan to keep sending reports and alerts to your account get in touch to ask any questions, in some cases we can offer discount.

No you can register straight away. This will start a trial plan. Once the trial has expired, your metrics will be disabled but your setup data will be stored for if you would like to reactivate them later.

Safe & secure

We use standard SSL encryption. We do not store your data

Demo Available

Work with our team to get set up perfectly

Easy setup

All you need is a Google Analytics account