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How reports work

Choose which metrics matter to your business, and simply click to add the charts & data to your report. All of your events & goals can be added, as well as most metrics on Google Analytics.

You can customize the data by choosing to compare it with other metrics, see the change compared to last month, last year or many other customization options.

You can organize your report into tabs, so that it doesn’t take up too much space in your Slack feed.

Choose to have your report sent every day, week or month. You can set different reports to go to different people in different channels. For example a report could tell your marketing team how the advertising is going.


Tailored for you

Monitor all the metrics that matter to your business

Everything that you can find on Google Analytics you can choose to monitor, this includes custom segments and dimensions.

General Site Metrics:
Google Ads:

Reports FAQ

If you manage multiple websites with one Google Analytics account then you can create reports for any of those sites with one GA-Insights plan.

You can schedule reports to arrive every day, or every week at a certain time. If you would like to receive a report every hour we can also support this, but please reach out to the team to have it enabled.

You can choose where you want the report to be sent. It can be sent to a Slack or Teams channel which has multiple people in it, or it could go only to you or another member of your team.

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We use standard SSL encryption. We do not store your data

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Easy setup

All you need is a Google Analytics account