Maximise the power of your data with templates.

With dozens of profiles to chose from, templates identify the key metrics that are important to your business and get you started with a tailored setup.


What are essential metrics for my business? The most important metrics for your business are always the essential ones.


How is social network traffic affecting my business? Business owners and social media managers are looking for ways to


How much revenue is my business generating? Revenue is one of the most important numbers for a business. It


How do I acquire visitors to my site? With this template, you can quickly see which of your pages

Content Analysis

How are my landing pages performing? Wrapping your head around the performance of specific landing pages can be a

Basic Performance

How are my Google Analytics Goals performing? Understanding the impact of the Goals you have set up in Google


What are my most popular eCommerce metrics? The ecommerce section of Google Analytics contains most of the popular financial


What are the top-selling products on my site? This template covers an overview of the products, categories and revenue


Where are there technical issues on my site? One of the most overlooked areas of improvement that can be

Content Analysis

How is my blog performing? This template filters automatically to show just the blog pages. It compares the performance


How do browsers and devices affect my orders? The breakdown of browsers and devices that affect your orders are


How are my ads performing? The easiest way to understand the performance of your ads is to first get

Google Search Console

What are the most important trends in SEO keywords of incoming traffic? SEO is always considered a black box.


How much am I spending with Facebook? The Facebook Ad platform does an amazing job of helping you acquire


How are my Facebook ads purchases performing? While this is a simple template, it’s also incredibly important. At this

Basic Performance

What are my top performing creatives? It’s been said that content is key and that’s never been the case


Ga Insights is a way to keep up to date with your website and ad metrics. You can receive custom reports of your metrics, goals and statistics stright into the tools your team already uses. You can also have your data monitored 24/7, when an anomoly happens you will be sent an alert to notify your team. Have peace of mind knowing that your team will find out quickly if anything goes awry with your website.

We take data security very seriously. Once you sign into your google account we encrypt an access token in our database. The key is only used by the Slack or MS Teams agent to access the data. The data is created into a Slack or MS Teams formatted message, and sent to the relevant API to send to your channel.

All data is secured via SSL encryption.

Our backend can only access google metrics and event data that you have authorized for it, and we cannot access outside of this in any circumstances.

Ga Insights integrates with Slack & Microsoft Teams. You can also send reports & alerts to email.

Press ‘Get started’ at the top of the page, then follow the instructions. It takes just 2 clicks to connect your Google Analytics account.

For under 2.5K visitors, the platform is entirely free. For established businesses we offer a 10 day free trial, after that you’ll need a paid plan to keep sending reports and alerts to your account get in touch to ask any questions, in some cases we can offer discount.

No you can register straight away. This will start a trial plan. Once the trial has expired, your metrics will be disabled but your setup data will be stored for if you would like to reactivate them later.

Simply plug and play with
Safe & secure

We use standard SSL encryption. We do not store your data

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Work with our team to get set up perfectly

Easy setup

All you need is a Google Analytics account